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Excelsior Nest Box Pads - Pallet Buy (1000 Pads)

Excelsior Nest Box Pads - Pallet Buy (1000 Pads)

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  • 13" x 13" Thick Excelsior Pads with Kraft Paper Backing 
  • Developed for Use in Nest Boxes to Provide Comfort for Laying Hens and Padding for Freshly Laid Eggs
  • Helps Reduce Egg Breakage While Keeping Eggs Clean - Draws Moisture Down from Hens and Freshly Laid Eggs
  • Makes Gathering Eggs Easier Than Most Other Nesting Substrate
  • Also Used for Chick Brooder Homes to Provide Chicks with Stable Footing
  • Made In USA from Great Lakes Aspen Excelsior Fibers  

Nest Box Pads give your hens more comfort in the nest box and help ensure eggs are laid in a soft, secure, and clean nest. Our nest box pads help draw moisture down and away from the hen and her eggs. They are easy to put into nest boxes and easy to remove so maintaining a clean nest box is easier than ever. Our pads are manufactured from Great Lakes aspen excelsior fibers and brown kraft paper. Excelsior pads have been used for decades by our hatchery to ensure baby chick wellbeing and now developed thicker for the wellbeing of hens and their eggs. Also for use in chick brooders. Exclesior fibers are 100% biodegradable and made in the USA.

Directions: Place one pad, kraft paper side down, inside each nest box and use fingers to fulff exceslior to desired depth. Excelsior can be scrunched or stretched to adapt to the nest box shape and size. To freshen, remove nest pad from nesting box, shake to remove debris. Replace as needed. 

    Pallet Buy Includes: 25 Bales of Nest Box Pads (1,000 Pads)

    Shipped by truck on 48" x 40" wood pallet. Lift gate service included for unloading. 

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