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Ceramic Nest Eggs - Brown (6-Pack)

Ceramic Nest Eggs - Brown (6-Pack)

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  • Egg Pecking Deterrent, Nest Box Training, Broody Hen Test
  • Home Decor, Arts & Craft Projects, Keepsakes
  • Super realistic poultry nest egg. You'll think it is real!
  • Brown egg layers are a common favorite for backyard flocks
  • Handcrafted in the USA
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The Amazing Multi-Purpose Ceramic Egg!

Egg Pecking Deterrent

Tired of your chickens eating your breakfast?

Place a few ceramic nest eggs in the nest box(es). Gather real eggs in the morning and afternoon so chickens are less likely to find a real one. No more broken eggs!

Ceramic nest eggs are much harder than a chickens egg. As they peck the ceramic nest egg, they grow bored and uninterested without the golden reward.

Nest Box Training

Tired of searching your yard and coop for eggs?

Place a few ceramic nest eggs in the nest box(es) you'd like your chickens to lay eggs.Have patience...that's it!

Chickens tend to lay their eggs together in a "safe place." When you put ceramic eggs in a nest box, they think that another chicken has determined it as being safe and will lay there as well!

Broody Hen Test

Trying to hatch eggs the old fashioned way?

Place several ceramic nest eggs in a nest box.Frequently check on the nest box.If a chicken is reluctant to leave the nest box, pecks at your hand, has pale comb and wattles... you have a broody hen!

If you want to raise chickens using a hen as the incubator, you'll need to determine if you have a broody hen. You don't want her to be leaving those eggs to cool off!

Arts & Crafts

Any of our ceramic eggs make wonderful keepsakes you and your family can decorate. Use them at home or even buy for your classroom for fun memories to take home.