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Excelsior Brooder Pads - 25 Pack

Excelsior Brooder Pads - 25 Pack

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Give Chicks Comfort when you line the brooder floor with Excelsior Brooder Pads from Hen Comfort. Nearly every major hobby hatchery in the United States chooses excelsior as the best footing to give chicks a great start. 

Excelsior Brooder Pads are easy to use and provide chicks with stable footing to prevent potential leg issues.

Excelsior Brooder Pads won't clog chick feeders and waterers like pine shavings so food and water is more available for hungry and thirsty chicks and you will spend less time cleaning.

Made in USA from sustainably sourced aspen. 

Pad Dimensions: 11" x 9"

Brooder Coverage: 25 Brooder Excelsior Pads covers approximately 17 square feet of brooder space.  

Directions: Lay brooder pads, kraft paper side down, side by side to cover the entire brooder floor. Some pads may need to overlap to fit the dimensions of your brooder. Use fingers to slightly fluff excelsior fibers. 

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