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Comfort Excelsior Coop Bedding

Comfort Excelsior Coop Bedding

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Comfort Excelsior offers a premium yet cost-effective nest box liner made from all-natural aspen wood fibers, expanding up to 5 times its original compressed size. This liner has significant advantages over straw or pine shavings, providing a breathable and elevated bedding that helps reduce egg cracks and breaks, while also making it easier to gather eggs when laid on Excelsior. One box can cover approximately 20 square feet, equivalent to a 4'x5' chicken coop or 20 chicken nesting boxes. In addition, Excelsior makes cleaning the nest box a breeze as its fibers cling together to form one, easy-to-remove liner. This environmentally friendly product is manufactured in the USA from Great Lakes Aspen, with materials sourced only from forest product companies that hold Sustainable Forestry memberships. The self-propagating tree of aspen makes it a sustainable choice for the environment, and the Excelsior fibers are 100% biodegradable. 

    Directions: Excelsior will arrive compressed to minimize space for shipping and storage. Simply pull excelsior fibers to release and expand fibers which can then be placed inside the nest box at your desired depth.

    Usable Square Feet: 20 Square Feet


    Q) How much area will Comfort Excelsior cover when pulled and uncompressed?

    A) One box of Comfort Excelsior will cover approximately 20 square feet, so you can cover the floor of a 4'x5' chicken coop or 20 nesting boxes. 

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